Who am I?

Omniverse is the creation of musician/producer Todd Wallar plus various special guests. While mostly instrumental, the music of Omniverse covers a broad spectrum of sonic goodness: trip hop beats, 60s influenced lounge music, drum n bass, postrock mood music, and downtempo grooves.

Todd began his musical career with Suzuki violin lessons at the tender age of 7. Once he reached adolescence, Todd embraced his dreams of becoming a rock star and switched to the electric guitar but also studied classical and jazz composition in his college years. In 2003, Todd completed The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program in Seattle.

The music of Omniverse has appeared on several compilation projects as well as in independent short films, tv shows, commercials, and the feature film, The Matrix Revisited. Six Omniverse tracks have been included in the Ultimate Matrix Collection DVD box set.

Todd is also the guitarist, producer, and electronics tinkerer in Seattle indie band, Lucy Bland.

Where to find me

Check Twitter for my gibberish.

Rdio to see what I'm listening to.

Soundcloud to hear the noise I'm creating.

For important stuff, send an electronic message to
mothership at omniversemusic dot com